NOFA-NY is an organization of farmers, gardeners, and consumers working together to create a sustainable regional food system that’s ecologically sound and economically viable.

Giving Back

At Ava Wellness we are thoroughly invested in the concept of healthy living with that in mind the foods and products we consume are our first priority. Following, we are strong supporters of organic farming. To help facilitate organic farming and education about farming and local agriculture we seek to highlight the work of NOFA, The NorthEast Organic Farming Association.

NOFA is New York’s leading non‐profit organization providing programs and services to promote sustainable, local organic food and farming. Their coalition of farmers, gardeners, consumers and businesses join together to create a food system that’s ecologically sound and economically viable. Through education, certification, advocacy and other efforts, they promote organic food production, local marketing, and land stewardship

The purpose of NOFA-NY’s policy work is to advocate for a sustainable, local, organic food and farm system within New York State. Their advocacy efforts are grounded in the principles of organic agriculture, established by the the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), which emphasize health, ecology, fairness, and care.

We are donating a portion of our proceeds to NOFA, please take a moment to review all the great work they do.