About us

Who We Are

Ava Wellness was created during my never ending search for a restful night’s sleep. As someone who suffers from inability to sleep well, I have been on a years long journey to find calm. And for me CBD provided that calm. I hope that others may experience that leveling. 

At Ava Wellness, we take pride in providing products that have undergone thorough testing. From seed to shelf we offer hemp products grown on farms utilizing organic farming practices and adhering to strict testing protocols.

Our edibles contain no GMO’s, no synthetics and all are third party lab tested.

Many members of our family and extended network have benefitted from the properties of CBD. They have experienced relief from a variety of conditions. Our testimonials highlight personal experiences with Ava Wellness CBD products. We will be adding new products in coming months as we release new formulations.

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Yvette Brown,


Our Mission

To provide premium quality products and service to our clients

To inspire moments of relaxation and calm

To support healthy living and enrich livesĀ